Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dropping stitches...yikes.

Okay. I've started my clapotis and have managed to get to row 8 of the first repeat of section 3 with nary a snag. In fact, it zipped right along. It's pretty much straight stockinette, with a few twists (pun intended) to keep you paying at least some attention. My fabric is luscious and just what I had hoped for (I'm using the recommended Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb). So far so good. Now I've reached the point in the pattern where the alleged "fun" begins. Dropping stitches. On purpose. Does anyone have any light to shed on the directive that reads, "P1, remove marker, drop next st, let it drop down several rows, pick up top bar with left needle to form a new st (make sure this st isn't twisted)..." How does one do this? How do you make sure that the stitch doesn't continue to unravel beyond where you want it to? Is there some way to make sure that you're unraveling the same number of rows on subsequent dropped stitches? I have little experience with such things and a complete inability to visualize where these instructions will take me. Am I thinking too much about this? Do I just need to have faith? I've decided to work on a friend's very safe baby blanket until I get some assurances that I'm not about to wreck my clapotis simply by following the instructions.


Blogger Jessica said...

I don't think it matters; you'll completely unravel all those dropped stitches at the end anyway. So just drop it and forget it!™ *lol* The YOs you added in will be the anchors for the dropped bits.

3:34 PM  
Blogger kmckiernan said...

I agree with what Jessica says, just drop it and let it fall! It's headed all the way down to the bottom anyway so dont worry about it. By picking up the bar and KTBL you are closing that gap you just made by dropping it. Don't worry about the dropped lenghts being the same, clapotis is knit on a angle to some will be short and some will be long. Good Luck!

10:54 AM  

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