Monday, January 30, 2006

Still behind the times

So, I thought I was a bit further along than I was (I had counted the first column of dropped stitches as the beginning of my 13 dropped stitch repeats--whoops). I have one more column of dropped stitches to complete, and then I begin the decreases.

If you're a BTAL-er who feels woefully behind the times on their clapotis (or catpotis, or other project!), don't worry you're not!


Blogger Zonda said...

Ha! I don't anyone is more behind than me...I haven't touched it in weeks..sniff...soon, before the KO starts I hope!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

No worries. I still have the Ribby Cardi in the queue (but can't start that until I get through some of the other stuff in the queue). What's funny, though, is that I've had the yarn for the Ribby Cardi for about nine months now, too.

There were moments when the Clapi seemed interminable, but when it ended I was kinda sorry to see it go -- it was a really fun knit. Just different enough to keep me from being terribly bored, just easy enough to do while watching TV (even in the dark).

6:45 AM  

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