Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Come join us!

Is it December, and you're just getting to the lace project for which you purchased yarn in June? Perhaps it's January and you're finally starting on your Christmas knitting. Or maybe it's somewhere in the middle of 2006, and you've worked through your queue of built-up knitting projects to the point where you're casting on for Clapotis.

Welcome fellow traveler well met! You are among friends here.

I am starting this KAL because I find myself adding items to my queue just as everyone else is raving about how much fun they are to knit. But then I have to work through all the other items I added previously, with some detours into smaller objects that will be immediately useful (scarves, hats, etc) and necessary. So I don't get around to the trendy, everyone-must-knit-one object until LONG after the KAL for the object has closed or died out.

It's not that I procrastinate on starting these things, it's simply that I take care of my to-knit list in roughly chronological order.

If you're the same way (or even if you're not, but feel like hanging out, knitting (virtually) alongside people who are knitting items that are so very YESTERDAY), come on in, the water's fine! To join, email me at fidoknits1 at gmail dot com .


Blogger schnoobie said...

I'm sooo In! er with you ....I mean I am so very last week/month about these knit alongs! Brilliant idea. Im a new bie so Im still grooving on 3 different textured yarns knitting on baseball bats. I'll just keep reading about what I've yet to do and catch up on!! Thanks for leading us slackers!!

8:30 PM  

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