Monday, March 27, 2006

Dropping even further behind

I finished the Ribby Cardi. No pictures yet, though. Now, you'd think that a post that begins "I finished the Ribby Cardi" would not be titled "Dropping even further behind," but here's the thing: it's too small. I kid you not.

Good thing I'm a process knitter. My first thought (after I gave up on the idea of blocking the hell out of it or of trying to graft on some solution that would make it bigger), was "well, now I get to order more yarn to make another one."

And it's a good thing my sister is smaller than I am. This will actually fit her pretty perfectly. And I was thinking of making her a Ribby Cardi anyway.

I'm further BTT than ever, but life is lookin' good.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Im scared of my Clapotis...

Its quite sad really... im very scared of some yarn, two metal sticks (size 8) some stich markers, and directons. Seperate they are nothing, easy to handle. Together, I panic... I think its that YO stich that does it to me...

I guess Ill keep at it, making all the wonderfull knots, then go to my LYS on Tuesday or Wensday and go "OMG HELP ME!!!" The helpful women there will laugh and wonder what i've done... Ill feel stupid, and we will move on....

Stupid, beautiful yarn that had no meaning in life other then to become a clap...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hi Y'all!

I'm catching up on my "a-longs" this weekend, since I've been a bit MIA since I started looking for a condo, then packing, then moving, then unpacking and blah blah blah. But I have finished a couple Booga Bags that I tweaked so much, I called it my own pattern and posted it on my blog.

That's the only thing I've done since January that might qualify for the BTT. I did make an Odessa, and a few dishcloths (if you like to make those, I highly reccommend joining the yahoo group Monthly Dishcloth Knit-a-long. It's so neat. You do two a month, and get a snippet of the pattern each day for about a week. You don't know until a few days into it what it might be. I just did a shamrock dishcloth and never would have picked that as a project were it up to me. But I'm glad I did it! My first time making an image in purl bumps on a stockinette background.
Anyway, I'm making a pinwheel baby blanket right now. I think that might count for this right? Seems like everyone in the knitty blogosphere has made one except for me. It's for my friend's baby. She snagged my Odessa less than two days after I finished it, to give to her 1 yr old daughter. Either I have a small head, or that child has a big one. I dunno, it's a very stretchy pattern anyway. But the parents have requested a bead-free snuggly out of the same yarn because this child will NOT rest without her Odessa in hand, pressed against her cheek. Now THAT is a knit-worthy baby.
I went and bought the yarn for my Clap yesterday. I originally bought some Red Heart for it, when I was new to the yarn scene, and I knew I'd never make mine until I had different yarn. I bought some Tahki Cotton Classic in color 103, much like the Lorna's Laces shown in the pattern. I love those colors. I may have to hunt around to other yarn shops before I start though. I was only able to buy 4 balls, for a total of 432 yards. But I can at least Knit the width (increase rounds)until I get through one ball, then use 2 for the length, and one for the decrease rounds. What do you think?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A little behind the times

I know that the Lucy bag pattern has been around for quite a while now, I'm a little slow I know but I just completed one for a SP....TA DA!

A little late then never.. Now I'm really liking this bag the more I sit and look at it.. the pictures really do it no justice what so ever. More info & photos on my blog
now off to finish a couple old projects wayyyy late in getting them done too. A Soliel & a Hourglass in progress

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My next BTT project

Hi! Oh how I wish it could be Ribbi Cardi Liz! But my daughter has been very patient and I must make her Kyoto. It's a good thing that mine Ribbi will be in cotton fleece, incase I am stuck knitting it this summer!

I am currently swatching knitpicks shine in River and Grass Grass is the main color and River the bottom band. This should be interesting. After knitting with double and triple yarns and even worsted, I feel like I am knitting string. The shine is very soft and will be very drapey too. I also have some in Orchid for a tank for me this summer.

As for my Clapotis...still on the far, but taking a backseat again! ;)

I killed the Clapotis

Maybe it was the weird state I was in after the Knitting Olympics, but when I picked my Clap back up I just didn't like it. I think it's the yarn. It's far too dark for a Clap, especially with spring looming. I want a bright bunch of changing colors like everyone else has.

*Yes, I would jump off the darn bridge...*

So I killed it.

The needles have been removed and the remains are in a basket just waiting to be ripped and rewound. The Knitting Police have not come, although I am still peeking furtively from behind the curtains, watching.

I feel guilty, but I am going to move on and make Branching Out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time to start my next BTT object

. . . the Ribby Cardi. Maybe I'll even finish it in time to get some wear out of it this year. Otherwise, it'll be a next-winter thing.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Here we go!

Hi Im Molly and I'm starting my clapotis today. I got some really neat yarn and I want to see how it holds up. Its 220 yarn in Berry Mix here is a picture of it:
I am a knitter who is very new, but I took into knitting very fast and didnt start very traditionally. I found something I wanted to make and dove in head first. Now I want to knit just about everything.
I chose this because its not a sock... its not a sweater (my first sweater comes later, when the yarn comes in). Its red and pink (spot on for Project Spectrum) and I can learn with it. Wish me luck... I'm a bit weary about this project, so Im glad you all are here!! Alright, im done blabbing on... Later knitters!!