Tuesday, January 31, 2006

An experiment in speed and concentration

For the past couple of days I couldn't make up my mind. With Ella done and the Knitting Olympics right around the corner I had a window of opportunity to start, and finish, something. I've started River, Essential Stripe, a baby vest, a hat and a curly scarf. I've finished the curly scarf and the hat...LOL! Nothing else held my attention for some reason. I think I've finally decided on cozy.

I'd say it's considered 'behind the times' and I already had the yarn (Lavold Silky Wool) in my stash so why not? Question is, can I finish it before the 10th of February? We shall see. I just (as in 10 minutes ago) cast on. Wish me luck!


Blogger carolyn said...

Cozy's on my list, too (I'm an unrepentant behindthetimeser!). Problem is, the yarn is *not* in my stash. And I have way too much stash in my stash to justify an additional purchase. My cozy will be way way way behind the times...

11:56 AM  
Blogger darbyrose said...

On my list as well. I have the yarn, thanks to a trade on Knittyboard some time ago. It's pretty far down the list, though. I really want to do Branching Out.


12:02 PM  

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