Sunday, January 01, 2006

Question on Section 2

Just to confirm, on Section 2: Where it says repeat rows 1-12 six more times, this means I'll end up with a total of seven repeats, right?

Carolyn, I think ulimtately it unravels all the way down, but that you just need to let it unravel a bit so you can pick up the bar and continue on your merry way. I must admit that my trepidation when I get to that point won't be that I'm not going to be able to be precise enough in my unraveling, but rather that maybe somewhere in there I forgot to knit through the BACK loop, and the whole darned thing is going to start unraveling. It'll be a scary, scary moment for me. But for now, I'm still knitting along in the comfort of Section 2. I've completed four of the seven repeats, and am taking my daughter for a snowboard lesson tomorrow (during which I will sit in the lodge and knit to my heart's content).


Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

Liz, the answer is YES. You will have a total of 7 repeats.

8:06 PM  
Blogger carolyn said...

Liz, that's how I interpreted it, and, besides, you'll know you've done it right if you have the correct number of stitches on the needle at the end. I lost track of which repeat I was on toward the end of section 2, but by counting stitches I was able to find my place again.

8:09 AM  

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