Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Finished Clapotis and still sane!

I finished my Clapotis last night. I've taken some pictures, but will have to wait until I get back from holiday to post them.

I ended up having to make 2 runs to a LYS to buy "one last" skein of ribbon. One of the skeins must be because I added an extra 3 repeats to the straight section, but I cannot explain the 2nd skein. I initially miscalculated how much yarn I would need (to be honest, I misread the entry in the Yahoo Clapotis KAL database), but then I would have sworn that I subsequently purchased enough to finish it off. But I have searched through our car and suitcases, and have not come up with a missing skein. Instead I am attributing it to the fact that time and space are altered by the clapotis.


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