Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Dropped a stitch last night

And, miracle of miracles, the world did not stop turning on its axis. More to the point, I intentionally dropped the stitch, and still the sun rose in the east again this morning (well, this being New England in wintertime, we could debate whether I actually saw the sun at all today, but I have faith that it was there, behind those nasty grey clouds).

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the Clapotis right before the stitch-drop moment; I was afraid I'd wind up having to frog the entire thing (or a substantial portion of it) and wanted photographic proof that I actually had made some progress.

Here is the knit side of it.

And here is a close-up of the purl side. You can see where the twist-knit-twist triad of stitches creates a little crease in the fabric. It's actually kinda neat.

I'm making it out of the Brooks Farm Four Play yarn, in the "classy" colorway (which, looking at their site, seems no longer to be available). The yarn is fabulous, and has a wonderful sheen to it. The colors are probably a little more drab than I would like -- except that the purpose of this particular Clapotis is for me to wear at work on those days when the heat just cannot keep up with the cold of the New England winter (or in the summer, when the air conditioning is winning its race with our summers). Consequently, it has to go well with most/all of my work clothes, many of which are somewhat drab neutral.

And, in other news, I took a little time this evening and made a button for us so that if you have a blog you can add the button. Please be sure, though, to save the image to your own hosting site or account and link to it there. Thanks!


Blogger carolyn said...

Cool! I'm no longer freaked out about the prospect of dropping my first stitch, but I really need to get this baby blanket I'm *almost* done with out of the way before I get back to my clap. Looks good, Liz! I think it will be quite the "classy" wrap for the office. Make the next one as crazy as you wanna be.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Jerry & Maxy said...

Gorgeous, Liz! I am trying to finish an Ella in BF 4P - it's lovely yarn, isn't it? Muted colors, but good for that office gear, huh. And THANKS for the button!!! I love it!!!

8:26 AM  

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