Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dropping stitches...yikes.

Okay. I've started my clapotis and have managed to get to row 8 of the first repeat of section 3 with nary a snag. In fact, it zipped right along. It's pretty much straight stockinette, with a few twists (pun intended) to keep you paying at least some attention. My fabric is luscious and just what I had hoped for (I'm using the recommended Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb). So far so good. Now I've reached the point in the pattern where the alleged "fun" begins. Dropping stitches. On purpose. Does anyone have any light to shed on the directive that reads, "P1, remove marker, drop next st, let it drop down several rows, pick up top bar with left needle to form a new st (make sure this st isn't twisted)..." How does one do this? How do you make sure that the stitch doesn't continue to unravel beyond where you want it to? Is there some way to make sure that you're unraveling the same number of rows on subsequent dropped stitches? I have little experience with such things and a complete inability to visualize where these instructions will take me. Am I thinking too much about this? Do I just need to have faith? I've decided to work on a friend's very safe baby blanket until I get some assurances that I'm not about to wreck my clapotis simply by following the instructions.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Do you think...

I could make a Clap out of a worsted weight 85% wool/15% mohair blend? It's a heavier worsted (4 sts = 1" on size 9s) in the MOST gorgeous colourway...Columbine. It's Wonderful Wool by Steadfast Fibers and the sample doesn't do it justice.

Or will it not be drapey enough, and it will look crummy?

Be honest, please.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Noro Silk Garden

Well, after much thought, I have decided to go with this,

Colorway 87 I recently acquired 4 skeins in a swap, and I really like the colors, even better in person. So, I know it won't be enough yarn for the normal sized Clapotis, but I think after reviewing the pattern, a wide scarf size will be perfect for me. I just hope I calculate correctly, cause I would hate to have to frog it near the end.

Besides, I really wanted to use the Pansy sock garden...for socks LOL! I love the colorway and want to make something I'll wear a lot.

Good luck to everyone trying to figure out theirs. BTW, has anyone cast on yet? I am trying to finish up a few things this week, so I can start soon.

Four Play

I'm planning on using the Brooks Farm Four Play yarn -- I even have it in my stash (having ordered it about three months ago, when I intended to start the Clapotis. I have to admit, though, that I'd be very interested in making a smaller sized Clapotis, which I'm sure could easily be accomplished just by using a yarn with a smaller gauge. You could still get some truly gorgeous drape, without having the heft and bulk that comes from the larger gauges. In thinking about it, I think the drape is the essence of the Clapotis in that the gauge can change, the number of repeats can change, you can vary the color, the fiber, and everything else -- just be careful not to use anything too stiff or tight. I haven't yet made a Clap, though (this is, after all, the Behind The Times Along), so I could be totally off base.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Yarn Help... PLEASE!!!!

I'm still fairly a beginner so I'm at a loss as to what to use for the clapotis - nothing too expensive, but I don't want to use red heart if you know what I mean (though I have pondered Simply Soft, lol)

I saw some really pretty cotton sport weight yarn that I wondered about - but how much would I need to adapt the pattern for sportweight? Somehow simply soft, and almost every worsted weight I can find in the cheap stuff seems like it will feel too heavy for clapotis...

Maybe part of it is my fear that I don't wear scarves enough now, and I'm possibly moving someplace warmer (though the possibility is just as likely of moving some place colder, though that isn't a pleasant thought right now - oh the fun of post grad school job hunting)

Anyway - if I want something that will feel lighter than simply soft, is going sport weight my only option? And why aren't there cheap silk blends to be had for that matter, LOL (I know I know - I should just be thankful we actually have affordable wool in ACMoore and Hobby Lobby now...)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Cashmere Clap, anyone?

I ordered some samples of the 100% cashmere yarn from ColourmartUK last week. Since I'm making a clapotis for my wedding, I thought ivory or cream cashmere would be yummy!

I was thinking about using a fingering or dk weight, and just adding in add'l increases until it's wide enough to suit me...

It's prep time - YARN time!! - for the Clapotis...

I see several of us are thinking about doing a Clapotis. And I know yarn selection is exciting and potentially tricky, so perhaps we could help one another by posting the yarn we're going to use, along with the needle size.

The pattern calls for Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (50% silk, 50% wool; 205yd/184m per 100g skein). It's worsted weight (18 sts = 4 in on size 8 US/5 mm needles).

I see Zonda is thinking about using Sock Garden. That's fingering weight (29-32 sts = 4 in on size 1-3 US needles). Are you planning on doubling it? Adjusting the pattern?

I was thinking about Brooks Farm Yarn Four Play, but would be interested in learning about less expensive alternatives.

I'd love to learn from this...I know there are several threads on the Knittyboard that address yarn subs, but I'd love to hear from you :-).

Thanks Team!!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Anyone for some Clapotis?

Well, I've worked my way to the point in my queue where I get to decide: Samus, Clapotis, Ribby Cardi, more scarves and hats and gloves and socks, Fuzzy Feet, or something else? I'm thinkin' Clapotis, and I'm thinking I'm going to start it sometime in early January. Might any of you be interested in joining me in this endeavor?

I may work on Clapotis in parallel with the "more scarves and hats and gloves and socks" option as well -- I think it'll be nice to have one large, longer-term project going at the same time as smaller, shorter-term projects.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hi everyone!

My name is Jessica, I go by Knit Wit at the Knitty Coffeeshop. I'm looking forward to this KAL. I've been thinking about knitting a clapotis for my wedding next November (getting hitched on the beach!). If I can find the perfect yarn, I think that will be my next project. You can check out my current projects on my blog, Ariadne's Thread.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Come join us!

Is it December, and you're just getting to the lace project for which you purchased yarn in June? Perhaps it's January and you're finally starting on your Christmas knitting. Or maybe it's somewhere in the middle of 2006, and you've worked through your queue of built-up knitting projects to the point where you're casting on for Clapotis.

Welcome fellow traveler well met! You are among friends here.

I am starting this KAL because I find myself adding items to my queue just as everyone else is raving about how much fun they are to knit. But then I have to work through all the other items I added previously, with some detours into smaller objects that will be immediately useful (scarves, hats, etc) and necessary. So I don't get around to the trendy, everyone-must-knit-one object until LONG after the KAL for the object has closed or died out.

It's not that I procrastinate on starting these things, it's simply that I take care of my to-knit list in roughly chronological order.

If you're the same way (or even if you're not, but feel like hanging out, knitting (virtually) alongside people who are knitting items that are so very YESTERDAY), come on in, the water's fine! To join, email me at fidoknits1 at gmail dot com .